Initial ideas for coursework

Prior to all the research, I decided to post some of my initial ideas for what my film could be about. It ranged from science fiction to drama, an example of one of the ideas I had was a film about a super hero who was hunted but never gave up his fight for justice. In my head this film would have been quite dark, and the super hero would have been more of an anti hero either than your clean cut superman or Spider-Man. Similarly I aimed to make the film in a similar way to how Chrostopher Nolan makes his films, as he focuses on the darker aspects of human nature and the good that they can produce when they are put under pressure such as in interstellar where coop is asked to save humanity, and does so but it means leaving his children behind. Another idea I had was to make an action film about a renegade solider who was drummed off the force, but when he is discharged he steals an important weapon with intentions to hold it for ransom, after sometime both forces of good and evil present themselves in disguise and try to take it from him, leading to action sequences, fighting, explosions and much more. After some consideration I have decided to go with a 3rd idea, let me set the scene. It’s 1989 and a young, tough ex-Vietnam veteran is taking a stroll home when he diverts and takes a shortcut down a back alley. Suddenly! His path is blocked either side by two men, dressed head to toe in gang clothing and armed to the teeth. Before he can call for help he is brutally beaten and left for dead after having his leg, eye and wallet taken from him. Moments later he is struck by lightning and blacks out. As its only the year 1989 the doctors don’t have the technology to help him and so they kryogenically store him until the technology has been invented. 40 years on in the year 2019 he is reawoken only to discover that the world has ended and technology has risen up! Even worse his eye and arm have been replaced with bionic limbs and the Lightning has given him super strength and agility ( which is technically a bonus) A well dressed man abruptly enters the scene claiming to be a government official, he debriefs our character and asks him to save the world! He agrees and the action ensues, with lasers, robots, guns and passion! This idea was inspired by films like the terminator and back to the future, I’ve tried to script the future to look like it would if it was made in the perspective of someone from the 80’s much alike the future in back to the future part 2.


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