Development of initial ideas 

And so it begins. After finally deciding on a concept for my media studies course work, I decided to further develop the idea. I sat down and began to draw out a story for my short film and a general outline of how my film was going to work. As my film heavily involves transitions between the years 1989 and 2019, I spent some trying getting my head about how I would represent both these years. For the year 2019, I aspired to go for a futuristic style from the perspective of the 80’s, so naturally lots of neon, flying cars and bad 80’s fashion will be employed I.e. People still wear shoulder pads but in the future they have LED’s in them. Similarly, the 80’s will be represented in the most cliche and stereotypical way possible, to make it clear to the audience that it’s the 80’s without making it too obvious, allow the audience to get involved with the short film. I also decided to make my film very effects driven, meaning elements such as a green screen will be employed for most of the film to create interesting and futuristic setting, the green screen will allow me to place my characters in environments that we wouldn’t be able to access, for example the neon streets of Miami. However, the film will also have physical props, things that can be used in particular scenes including baseball bats, chains, laser cannons etc. And so the journey continues 


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