Audience Research – Questionnaire

To further expand my knowledge on what makes a good science fiction/action film according to the public, i decided to release a detailed online survey allowing normal  un-selected people to fill it out giving me good and unbiased answers that i could then take on board and apply to my idea. Below is the layout of my questionnaire, it consists of 4 typed response questions and one selection question, for varieties sake. All the questions i asked where relevant to my topic, i wanted to know what my potential audience thought about science fiction as thats my chosen genre and all the aspects that followed this genre i.e. what would you expect to see? what makes it visually pleasing? etc.

For the first question i received very varied answers as people had different perspectives on what made a good film, most said that the narrative should be easy to follow and relevant to the genre and theme.

The second question gave me a very wide answer base, it ranged from my genre sci-fi to love, adventure, horror etc. this told me that the wider audience enjoy different things allowing me to understand that although i can’t make a film tailored to everyone i can make a film that features small aspects of each of these genres.

The third question turned up some interesting results, the majority said yes to this question meaning my chosen genre was a popular one.

The forth question gave me some interesting information into what makes a film visually pleasing, the main answers were that the film should be good quality, it should flow ell between cuts and if special effects are used they must be well done and seamless.

The fifth question allowed for some interesting answers, many stipulated that a future that differs from ours in one key aspect, a dystopian future would be key to a good story. However some argued that the film should be more realistic and instead of having flying cars it should have normal cars with battery packs on them, many also said that this wouldn’t make for a very interesting film.

In conclusion i have found this questionnaire to be extremely helpful, the answer boxes have provided me with sufficient thoughts and ideas that i can now apply to my idea to make it better.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.17.10.png
Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.17.25.png


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