Locations for filming 

As my film is set in LA, i need to plan my filming locations accordingly in order to not truly reveal the actual location of my film. I need to find some locations that don’t display a lot of the background, however if they do reveal some background it needs to be a city scape similar to the busy streets of Los Angeles.

The first section – the robbery and hospital scenes 

For the first section of my film I have decided to film at my grandmothers house in Bleadon, just outside Weston super mare. The house is old, which is easily visible on screen. I thought this would make a good setting for the opening of the film as the scenario is a house robbery involving two people, as the house being robbed in any scenario is usually a rich one I thought the house was ideal as on the face of it, it looks like a grand, old and rich house and is therefore the ideal location for the first portion of my film. I’ve also added in some photos of the stairs where the majority of the first portion will take place.

Other parts of the film such as the scene where thunder eagle is first introduced to the detective and where thunder eagle is placed in hospital where both shot in the same place as the robbery scene.

Part Two – thunder eagles origin story 

This portion of the film was shot under the bridge near the Weston train station. This was my favourite location to shoot at as it provided some rich scenery related to the theme for this scene. As this scene involves a gang robbery I needed the location to be easily identifiable as rough, gang territory and the bridge in Weston was ideal, at the time of filming gypsys had set up camp under the bridge and can be briefly seen in the background of one of the scenes, I thought that this would add to the mise en scene and amplify the rough and dirty theme.



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