pre – production

This is my plan as to what needs to happen prior to my production, including final script checks, finalisation of costumes and props and ensuring that my actors are prepared for filming. I had to check that both locations for filming were available, the first set which was were the robbery and hospital scenes were set to take place were fine however the second portion of the film was set to be shot under Hilddeshiem Bridge but due to an abrupt gypsy establishment we have been forced to with hold filming for this section until the settlement has moved on, as it could endanger some of the crew and or actors involved in this production.

Both portions of the film take place at night to further emphasise the films dark and mysterious themes, consequently this also means that filming is going to be harder as the noise levels at night tend to be higher than they do during the day as not a lot of light is let into the cameras lens. This therefore means that lambing equipment will have to strategically¬†placed in order to reduce the noise imbalance and boost the films quality. However the noise/static on the clip can be passed of as VHS style static and therefore linked to my 80’s theme. For this project i will be shooting on a Canon 7D, a cinematic camera with a 55mm lens. A high quality but relatively cheap camera that produces high quality clips and is ideal for my production. i have also equipped a 12 strip LED light to the camera to make the outside shots more visible, making them easier to edit and colour correct on post production.

I also brought the script, storyboard and shortlist as a guideline for my production, although i added in a few lines here and there that i thought would improve the overall quality of the film and make it more interesting for the audience. I also brought the props, these included the hockey mask for the second portion of the film and the guns and costumes for the first portion of the film.


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