Production has finally begun, the project has been split into two sections, named portion one – the robbery and hospital and portion two – origin story, which will be filmed on two separate days due to location distance and actor availability, as both settings are reasonably well distanced (out of walking distance) we have to film on two separate nights to ensure a lift to said destination can be secured. Further more actor availability is also important as some nights of the week my actors are otherwise occupied with external activities so we have come together using various social media platforms to discuss times and dates that fit everyones personal calendars. Following the script and storyboard to rough degree allowed me to insert and remove particular scenes of lines from the film that i felt didn’t work as well, removing completely or swapping for more suited lines/scenes. One problem with the production was the percentage of charge left in the camera we were using ( Canon 7D ) as we reached the set for the second portion of the film – the origin story we soon realised that the camera was low in battery power meaning we had to use its limited life strategically turning it on when we were all certain of what we were doing.

In conclusion i found the whole production process to be a success, i feel that all went smoothly as i relied heavily on a lot of the work and research i had conducted prior to the shoot, next is the editing process which i will include with screenshots on this blog.


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