Editing – Explosions, lightning and guns

The lightning strike

For the lightning bolt i used an image of a bolt of lightning on a green screen, an image i found on google i pulled this into the timeline and trimmed it down to 2 frames, i then pulled the ‘keyed’ effect on to the clip which keyed out all of the green in the background leaving the lightning bolt on the screen, i fiddled with some of the keyed settings to make the image just right. I then clicked on the clip of my actor and hit the letter B on the keyboard which brought up the blade toll, i then trimmed a hole 2 frames long which was lined up with the lightning bolt image. I once again clicked on the clip of my actor and selected the exposure and colour correcting menu changing the overall tones of the scene to a light blue and boosting the exposure levels so they were brighter and bolder on the screen. To round off the scene i imported a video of some small explosions/charges that i had bought a while back for some other projects i was working on, i added these in once again selecting the portion of the clip i wanted and keying out the black and then finally lining the clip up with the exact time the bolt of lightning hits my actor. Rounding the piece off with some sound effects and its done.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 13.15.23.pngScreen Shot 2016-03-21 at 13.15.35.png

The gun shots 

This section is the transition into Thunder Eagles origin story, its a medium close up of the protagonist as he guns down the villains. For this i had to create a convincing and cinematic muzzle flash. For this i used a few separate elements they were as follows

  • Action Essentials charges pack
  • Smoke Puff stock footage
  • muzzle flash JPEG
  • Desert  Eagle gun shot sound effect

When combined they make a convincing muzzle flash, heres how they were constructed in my film. I levered all the clips first ensuring that they all went off at the same time and when my actor makes the gun firing motion. I then trimmed the muzzle flash JPEG down to 1 frame after keying out the background and adding some distortion effects to it such as ‘Gaussian blur’, i then keyed out the black on the smoke puff and Action Essential charges pack layering them over each other and adjusting the speed of each clip by clicking cmd > r  which brought up a green bar allowing my to adjust the clips speed. Finally some quick flashes when the muzzle flash JPEG is present and the addition of the desert eagle gun shot sound effect made for a realistic gun shot effect.


Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 13.16.53.png

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 13.16.40.png


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