Editing update – Audio

The second part of my 2 minute opening is focused around the narrative that will be recorded explaining whats happening in the scene and so on, its pretty key to the films opening and establishment of the main protagonist so its got to be down right. As already stated in a previous post on the script of the film, the narrative had already been scripted and was ready to be recorded however due to the films shorter duration i have had to make a few changes to the narrative in order for it to fit. It is now as follows

Back in the year 1984, i was taking a walk home when i detoured and went under the bridges on the lower east side it was quicker but riskier. i was in a bad mood so taking the shorter walk seemed better. As i came out from the other side is saw a dark hooded figure walking towards me so decided o turn back and go around but just as i did some thug in a mask jumped me. I ran as fast as i could but there was no escaping them. It was the height of a gang war between LA’s most notorious gangs and i got swept up in it, beating me to near death and robbing me of my wallet. Left to die on the cold hard ground, i felt my heart beat become slower and slower, then i was struck by lightning and i blacked out. I swore an oath that day against injustice i would fight it thats when i became … Thunder Eagle! 


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