Creating a poster for my film


Prior to my poster i conducted some research into old, 80’s science fiction film posters. The research i conducted helped my when i was designing my now as i had already identified key aspects of what makes a cinematic film poster. Below are some of the posters i focused on in my research.

Following this cinematic theme, I decided to make a classic science fiction poster advertising my film in all its 80’s glory. To acheieve this I used Adobe Photoshop to composite all the images I had taken screen shots of from my final product.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 14.01.18.png

Firstly I captured the most interesting aspects of my 2 minute film opening, after doing this I selected the photos I thought would look good on the poster and via a process of selection I narrowed it down. After selecting my photos I opened up photoshop and opened a new canvas with the dimensions of a piece of A4 paper. I then used the magnetic lasso tool to cut out the characters and pull them away from the back ground. Once this was all accomplished and each photo was moved to the right place, I selected the background for my poster. As it was set in LA during the 80’s I opted for a beautiful photo of LA at night, I felt this highlighted the cinematic aspect that all film posters have. On top of this I placed a large picture of a nuclear cloud, a royalty free image I found on the Internet, when cutting this image out I was sure to blend the edges which is visible all around the the nuclear mushroom cloud as they blend with the background.

After some touch ups with the lightening and darkening tools, I was ready to add in the titles. For the main title “thunder eagle” I opted to go with the same logo I used in my final media product. To create this logo I once again opened up photoshop and created a new canvas. I then selected the paint bucket tool and changed the colour of the background to green (so it could be keyed out in post) I then opened a text box and typed the words “thunder eagle” changing the font to VCR and the size of the text to 72. For the graphics on the text I selected gradient, and poets for the desert theme, I then messed around with the colours changing some to neon pink and light blue, I also changed the severity of the gradient and where each colour ended. Finally I added an outer glow to the text to give it a shiny effect. For the ref of the title “rise of the cyborgs” I simple created another text box and typed in the text, I then changed the text size to 67 and the font to “still time” finally changing the colour to pink.

For the bottom half of the photo, I decided to add in the text seen on the bottom of all film posters. The small caption of text that contains all the producers, actors and directors and obviously the date in Roman numerals. To accomplish this I researched different posters trying to find out what was consistantly on each of them, I concluded that the producers, main actors and writers etc. Where always on there I took this on board and wrote my own. Using the VCR font once again. I also displayed a small image of my production company logo in the bottom right hand corner.



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