Evaluation of the prop weapon’s

In order to create the rouge badass personality for my protagonist in my final media product, i decided to use a few visual signifiers to show to the audience that my main character means business. I feel that one of the most iconic pieces of prop weaponry and successful at representing my protagonist as powerful and off the rails was the introduction of two revolvers. I found that in all the films with a strong lead actor, the protagonist often has a weapon that characterises him or her as strong, sharp and on the ball, films such as The Terminator which showed Arnold Schwazanegger as the T-800 loaded with an M1911 and a scope. But the weapon i was most interested in was the revolver used by Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry, more specifically a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world. I felt that this weapon perfectly presented my protagonist as a strong character for a number of reasons. Firstly its powerful punch means that whoever uses it has to be strong. Secondly, the limited capacity for ammunition suggests to the audience that whoever uses this weapon must be and extremely sharp shooter, once again reinforcing the bad ass personality that my protagonist has.



I conducted some research into weapons often used by the specific social groups i was identifying in my film, including the police force, gangs, thieves and so on. For the police force i found online what gun was wily used by officers over in the states, i concluded that a Glock 19 was the most common gun used by the United States police force and so i used a prop gun the replicated the Glock 19 for my detectives weapon. I felt that this was a successful introduction of a weapon as i found that it characterised the person who was using it, something i was aiming for when deciding on what gun to use. The Glock 19 is a neat gun with a sharp shooting range and is very accurate, this is something i wanted to reflect in the character i had constructed.


Similarly, for the two bad guys in the first portion of my final media product, i aspired to use weapons that reflected the gritty and harmful society that they live in. I looked at both shotguns and semi automatic rifles. I felt that a shotgun would work well when reflecting the poor lifestyle of the user as it is an easily available weapon, its not a clean weapon meaning it doesn’t tend to leave one hole in its victims but rather cut them in half. The same goes for the semi automatic rifle, i felt that this weapon was effective at characterising the user as it is a weapon that sprays bullets, causing severe harm to whoever is on the receiving end, especially of the user is nervous and suffering fro a severe case of trigger finger. Also, i found that both these weapons were readily available and easy to buy, suggesting to the audience that these thugs aren’t trained criminals, they are just thieves with weapons.


In conclusion i found that the guns used in the opening to my film were successful when constructing specific personalities of the people using said weapons.


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